In the fall I drove through Utah to reach Amangiri. Since I began filling databases with names and comments about luxury resorts I have kept short lists of the ones I really really hope to visit. As soon as Amangiri opened in 2009, it was on there. I’d been meaning to get back to that southeastern Utah country since high school. The red rocks twisted like taffy, slot canyons lit by ghostly rays, ancient anthropomorphic carvings linked to lost civilizations were fading in my memory. We went every year as a family to hike with llamas. My dad, a landscape photographer favoring his 4×5 view camera, needed an extra body to carry his second backpack. Tony llama or Dalton or Louie Louie obliged and we went splashing through backcountry canyons without seeing other humans for days. Amangiri was an altogether different experience, but one that brought me back to the country that made me a traveler. Here’s the story from Luxury Magazine that resulted from that trip (pages 110-111). And here’s another one from RobbReport.com.

One Place, Two Ways Utah Clip

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