Ultimate Private Islands

I’ve been on at least one plane every month since May, and here’s why… Robb Report‘s Ultimate Private Islands. While other publications tally reader surveys and cover resorts no one on staff has ever visited, the travel editors at Robb Report trust firsthand feedback to inform our decisions. Either we go ourselves, or we send someone we trust. Our team travels frequently and knows well what does and doesn’t belong when it comes to the world’s top hotels and resorts.

So here we present 12 of the world’s most exclusive exclusive-use retreats, from a ruggedly handsome haven off Ibiza to a magical and mysterious hideaway in the Bahamas. After literally scouring the globe from Italy to Fiji to Cambodia to Mozambique and more, we bring you this list of escapes that you can trust are truly the best of what’s out there. Whether a sandy atoll in a turquoise sea or a forested crag in a crisp alpine lake, a private-island resort is the archetypal escape from the outside world. The best private islands go one step further, opening up exotic new worlds for their fortunate few visitors to discover. No matter what part of the world you’re traveling to next, we hope you find what you’re looking for among the following dozen options…

PS: If you find an ultimate exclusive-use private island in North America, let us know! We couldn’t find anything in the States or in Canada that was on par with the properties below.

Caribbean & Latin America
The Bahamas :: Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay
British West Indies :: Calivigny Island
British Virgin Islands :: Necker Island

Italy :: Villa La Cassinella
Spain :: Tagomago

Asia & the Pacific
Fiji :: Dolphin Island
Fiji :: Laucala Island
Cambodia :: Song Saa Island
Australia :: Makepeace Island

Seychelles :: Fregate Island
Seychelles :: North Island
Mozambique :: Vamizi Island

One thought on “Ultimate Private Islands

  1. I’m a great fan of ultra luxury exclusive resorts around the World and this is by far the best lineup I’ve seen! Hats off to Jennifer and the team and keep up the good work! First hand experience is often the key to publishing such accurate and quality reports. If I had to do a classification I would agree with all of these wonderful establishments! If it was the first three what would you think will be the podium? I have a personal favorite but would like to compare with your expertise. Thanks for this extraordinary classification and my warm regards to everyone at Robb Report!

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